Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Waiting On Wednesday [1]

This is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine! It features a upcoming releases.
Hey all! This is my first Waiting on Wednesday post! What I'm featuring today is...

Opal (Lux #3) by Jennifer Armentrout
Release date: December 18th, 2012

Summary from Goodreads:

No one is like Daemon Black.

When he set out to prove his feelings for me, he wasn't fooling around. Doubting him isn't something I'll do again, and now that we've made it through the rough patches, well...There's a lot of spontaneous combustion going on.

But even he can't protect his family fro the danger of trying to free those they love.

After everything, I'm not longer the same Katy. I'm different...And I'm not sure what that will mean in the end. When each step we take in discovering the truth puts us in the path of the secret organization responsible for torturing and testing hybrids, the more I realize there is no end to what I'm capable of. The death of someone close still lingers, help comes from the most unlikely source, and friends will become the deadliest of enemies, but we won't turn back. Even if the outcome will shatter our worlds forever.

Together we're stronger...and they know it.

I'm extremely excited for this book to come out because I LOVE Jennifer Armentrout. Her Lux Series and Covenant Series are amazing! And look, I only have to wait about another 20 days! I've already pre-ordered my copy of Opal. I'm really eagerly awaiting this book.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Signed Up for the Debut Author Challenge!

Yay! I'm doing the Debut Author Challenge this year! I do end up reading a lot of debut books, but not in the month it's released. But, we'll see how I do this year. Plus, there will be monthly Prize Packs!

My List of DAC Books Are:

Released in January–
  1. Level 2 by Lenore Applehans
  2. Nobody But Us by Kristin Halbrook
  3. Altered by Jennifer Rush
  4. Hooked by Liz Fichera
  5. Uses For Boys by Erica Lorraine Sheidt
Released in February–
  1. Dualed by Elsie Chapman
  2. The Reece Malcom List by Amy Spalding
  3. Pivot Point by Kasie West
Released in March–
  1. The Collector by Victoria Scott
  2. Being Henry David by Cal Armistead
Released in April–
  1. Taken by Erin Bowman
Released in May–
  1. How My Summer Went Up in Flames by Jennifer Salvato Doktorski
  2. Reboot by Amy Tintera
  3. Nantucket Blue by Leila Howland
  4. Game. Set. Match. by Jennifer Iacopelli
Released in June–
  1. PODs by Michelle K. Pickett
  2. Severed Heads, Broken Hearts by Robyn Schneider
Released in July–
  1. Starglass by Phoebe North
I Currently Have No Books Released in August, September, or October

Released in November–
  1. Fault Line by Christa Desir
I Also Do Not Have a Book Released in December

Unknown Release Date–

  1. Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis
  2. These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman
Since I have nothing currently for August, September, and October, I will most likely spread out some of the books I'm reading. For example, read some of the books released in January/February at a different time.

Plus, I'm sure I'll find more as the year goes on! I'm definitely pumped to be doing this. I love reading new authors!
I'm really excited to be doing this! I'm gonna have some fun with it

Each book that's read for this challenge will be posted here, along with a review post.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Stacking the Shelves [9]

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Hello! What's up?! So, I didn't really get anything this week because I usually take a trip to the library on Thursday, but I was celebrating Thanksgiving and the library wasn't open. So, I have decided to find some books in my house that I have yet to read and, of course, read them!
**Click the title! You'll be directed to it's Goodreads page**

Unread Books on My Shelf That I Haven't Read Yet, But Will Read...
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling —Ok, yes, I have not read this yet. My mom has read every single one, and they're all on my bookshelf, but I have never touched them. And I've heard such great things about them. I don't even know why I haven't read them. I keep telling myself I'll get to it, but I get so preoccupied all the new books being released. But I am now going to read it!!!
  • Uglies by Scott Westerfeld —This is actually my sister's book, but I'm borrowing it because I've seen so many great reviews and have heard amazing things about it. I think it's about time I read this and see what it's all about. 
  • Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver —So I actually have the ARC form of this because I won it on Goodreads before it came out, but I never read it...whoops. So I'm thinking I should read it before Requiem comes out. I LOVED the first book, Delirium. I just have no idea why I didn't read this yet.  
See, just because I don't go to the library or buy books doesn't mean I have nothing the read! I need to take a break from all the new stuff and get started on the books I haven't touch, but own! It surprises me how many books I own but have never read. 

Sorry guys, no video this week. But I explained everything I would have said in my video up there! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

OPAL (Lux #3) Trailer Reveal!!!

Opal (The Third Book in the Lux Series)
Available in both print and digital version on December 18, 2012!

Official Opal Book Trailer

Check out Jennifer L. Armentrout on the following sites:

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Check out Exiled and Shift! -- Shift Giveaway!!!

Power Will Flourish

Lives Will be Lost

Nothing, Will be Forgotten

Chase Williams is a demon hunter in the Circle, or at least he was supposed to be. On his fifteenth birthday, Chase stepped up to the altar to claim his elemental power, but it never came. Elemental magic is passed down to a hunter through the bloodline, but on Chase's birthday, the bloodline stopped. 

Exiled without the Circle's protection, Chase has spent two years trying to survive a world riddled with half-demons and magic. When he has a run in with a frightened and seemingly innocent demon, he learns the Circle's agenda has changed: the Circle plans to unlock a portal and unleash pure-blood demons into the world. 

Vowing to stop them, and knowing he can't do it alone, Chase forms a reluctant alliance with Rayna - a sexy witch with an attitude and a secret. In their attempt to stop them however, Chase and Rayna find themselves in the middle of the Circle's plan, leaving one of them to decide what their friendship is worth, and the other's life depending on it.

All Other Retail Outlet ~ Smashwords

Read This Excerpt From Exiled!
       I'd had several jobs in the past year. This one I'd managed to keep for a few months. Most employers frowned on me coming to work with cuts and bruises all the time. It made for "poor presentation," they'd say. I was thankful it hadn't interfered with this job, yet. 
       I finished up my shift and had started my walk home from the burger joint when I felt it. A hunter doesn't mistake the feeling that demons are around. It moves down your spine and chills your bones. Feeling it proved I was indeed a hunter, even without an element. 
       The August air was warm for the late hour, and a thick layer of sweat made my white shirt cling to me. I stopped and unzipped my duffle bag, locating the silver dagger inside. Silver was great no matter what you were fighting; it could do serious damage to anything of the Underworld. 
       The tingle shot down my spine again. If I focused, I could feel each hair on my neck rise. I saw a blur of movement across the street and watched it disappear into ta shadowy alley. I moved across the street in a low crouch, resting my weight on the balls of my feet. I slowed my breathing and pulled the dagger from my bag before I slipped around the corner.
       My sense were alive and strained to see movement, or hear the sound of feet shuffling against loose rocks. As a hunter, I could see well in the dark, though the only light came from a single flickering street lamp.
       I was almost to the end of the alley when it hit. I couldn't tell what "it" was, but it struck my back and launched me forward. My feet tumbled over my head an my back smashed hard into the concrete wall at the end of the alley. hands grabbed me and lifted me to my feet, dragging me a few steps before throwing me back the other way. I flew through he air, hit the ground and rolled out into the street.
       I used my momentum and came up on one knee to recover. My back burned where pavement had grated the skin off, but I pushed the pain aside as the figure stalked towards me. 
       "Your death will bring me great glory, hunter. Killing the son of Riley Williams will make me a legend among the Underworld," the low voice gloated.
       "That's really great, good luck with that," I said.
       He smiled and the fangs that slid down from his gums were long and sharp. His pale skin started to thin as the vampire changed into his demon form. 
       Milky skin faded into transparent flesh, revealing the moving muscles beneath. Veins ran black through the vampire's face and limbs, pushing against the thinning clear skin. Strange muscles in his hands pushed bony talons out over his finger nails, and the whites of his eyes disappeared, filling with an inky blackness. The dark orbs stared at me as his fanged mouth curled into a smile, and in a blur he sprang forward, talons swinging.
       I ducked as they sliced through the air over my head. I brought the knife up into his stomach and twisted the blade before I pulled it out. Blood spilled onto the ground, but I knew the wound wasn't enough to kill him. Cut off his head or pierce his black heart – those were my options. I could light him on fire, but I was fresh out of matches.
       I brought my foot up and kicked the vampire back to give myself some room. I steadied myself, waiting for him to charge, but his body jerked and the point of a silver blade appeared in his chest before he could move.
       The vamp's body went limp and collapsed, then exploded in a flash of orange light. It burned away into a cloud of ash and littered the pavement, revealing the girl – of all things – who had beaten me to the kill.
       Raven hair spilled over her pale shoulders with hints of red highlighting the occasional strand. A tight leather top revealed a sliver of toned stomach and a tease of cleavage. Black pants hugged her hips and long slender legs and met knee-high boots. Her skin glistened in the light, but the most noticeable of her features were her eyes.
       Bright green orbs sparkled with an odd glow: demon's eyes. They had the slit pupils of a cat that I'd never seen on anything other than a house pet or a shifter in animal form. I slipped back into fight mode. I'd never watched one demon kill another, but I suppose for the fame of killing me, why not?
       I lunged and threw a punch at her face, but she dodged it with ease.
       "You almost messed up my kill," she snarled, and I had barely enough time to dodge her powerful kick.
       "Your kill? You stole it from me!" I swung my fist and hit her stomach. She bent over, winded, before she stepped back and caught her breath, regaining her stance and composure.
       "Stole it? Please, I'd been tracking him for blocks." she spun and caught my chin with the heel of her boot, snapping my head to the side. I rubbed my jaw where she'd hit me and smiled.
       "Well then, I guess it's a good thing I was here to slow him down. Who knows if you would have been able to catch him?"
       She moved in for another kick but I was ready. I grabbed her foot and pushed her back. She fell to the ground but quickly came to her feet. "I would have gotten him just fine on my own. Hunting is an art. It would've gone on as long as I deemed necessary."
       "Call it hunting if you want, but a filthy demon killing her own kind is still just that: a filthy demon." I could tell I'd offended her even before she hit me.
       My eyes watered when her fist smashed into my nose and her foot connected with my stomach in quick succession. I jerked back to avoid the knee that flew towards my face and pushed it to the side, but she was already moving towards me. Her hands hit my chest hard and I soared through the air for a long moment before I hit the ground. I felt a sharp pain shoot up through my spine and I could hear her laughter as I struggled to my feet.
       "I have to admit I expected more from you, Chase, being the infamous son of Riley Williams and all."
       I gripped my dagger until my knuckles turned white and spoke through gritted teeth. "I'll try not to disappoint."
       My fist his her jawbone and made a loud crack. I came back with my other hand and wrapped it around her throat. I stepped into the movement and threw her forward in a burst of hunter's strength. She slammed into the ground but recovered faster than I anticipated. Before I could brace myself she was on top of me.
       I pulled her body down and we rolled over each other against the cold concrete until I was on top. I kept a handful of her hair wound tight in my fist and pushed my blade against her throat. "More what you expected?"
       "Not really." She smirked.
       I felt the point of a knife pushing against my stomach. Before I could react, a commanding male voice came from behind us.
       "Enough!" it boomed.
       I didn't take the knife or my eyes off the demon beneath me.
       "But we were just starting to have fun," she complained. The smile on her face was anything but threatening. If this was her idea of fun, I didn't want to know what she considered boring.
       "Rayna, enough," the man repeated. She sighed, sticking out her bottom lip in a pout before the knife left my skin. "Truce?" she said with an innocent face.
       "Not a change," I replied, pushing the knife harder against her throat.
       I was pulled away from Rayna and pressed against a wall, thick hands around my throat. I raised my blade but my opponent blocked and twisted my arm at an awkward angle. the man ripped the blade from my hand and I squirmed.
       "Calm down, Chase. We are not here to hurt you," the voice said. A complete shadow hung around the figure, moving as he moved.
       "So she attacked me for fun?" I snapped.
       "If we wanted you dead, you would be," he said, releasing the grip, and I fell to the sidewalk. He stepped back slowly and the shadow peeled itself from his body. As it faded, it revealed a large man whose magic I'd never sensed before. 
       "If you don't want to kill me, what do you want?" I asked.
       The man reached forward, a large dark arm holding out my dagger. I wrapped my hand around it in confusion. The contrast of out skin was drastic; my pale flesh glowed against his midnight color and the size of his hand alone made me feel small.
       "What Rayna told you was true. We were tracking the vampire, not you. Although I'm happy to finally meet you, I'd imagined this moment under different circumstances," he said.
       "There are ways to meet people besides attacking them."
       "I agree. You must forgive us; Rayna is quick to lash out when insulted." My eyes met his and I couldn't read his expression. I knew I hadn't been polite, but I wasn't about to apologize to a demon. "You know, your father would not have hesitated to kill her, no matter his position."
       "Congratulations, you've discovered I'm not my father. What the hell would you know about him anyways?"
       He turned his head to the side and as the light hit his neck it revealed a tattoo. It was the one every hunter received after their ceremony. The one I never got.
       The tattoo made me realize why he could be the shadows; he was an air elemental and a powerful one at that. I had heard stories of hunters being able to work with shadows, but I'd never seen it done firsthand.
       I looked him over, not sure what to think of a hunter working with a demon. He was taller than me by an inch, around six-foot three. His head was smooth shaven, though there was a small patch of hair under his lower lip. His skin seemed like a smooth dark chocolate. His body was large and square, broad shoulders making him a massive column of strength and power. He filled out a sharp black suit jacket and wore black loafers, leaving the only color on him a flash of bright blue dress shirt.
       "You're a hunter."
       "Once upon a time, yes I was."
       He broke eye contact and cleared his throat, extending his massive hand towards me. "Look at my manners. Let me introduce myself. I am Marcus Starkaven."
       My eyebrows shot up; I knew that name! "You're supposed to be dead."
       "Is that what you heard?"
       "You used to hunt with my father."
       He nodded slightly, but otherwise ignored the comment. "You already met Rayna," he said, taking his unshaken hand back.
       I looked at Rayna and got caught in the depths of her green, slit eyes.
       "What are you doing with a demon?" I said, spitting out the last word like a curse.
       "How's your nose?" Rayna asked.
       I touched it and looked at the blood on my fingers. "Lucky shot."
       She chuckled and stepped towards me. "Care to go again?" Marcus put an arm in front of her.
       "Not what we're doing right now," he said.
       "You didn't answer my question."
       "She is my student. And my friend."
       I couldn't respond. I didn't believe it. A hunter being friends with a demon was unfathomable. 
       "I would have thought, being out in the real world, you'd have come to understand, Chase. Some Underworlders don't fit the Circle's black and white image of good and evil," he said.
       "The only Underworlders I've come across have tried to kill me."
       "Your name is feared by many in the Underworld. Your father has created quite the reputation for himself, so they fear you as well," Marcus said.
       I smirked. "As they should."
       he shook his head. "That wasn't a compliment."

M.R. Merrick is a Canadian writer and author of The Protector Series, a Young Adult mash-up between Urban and Epic Fantasy. Having never traveled, he adventures to far off lands through his imagination and in between cups of coffee. As a music lover and proud breakfast enthusiast, he’s usually found at the computer between a pair of headphones and in front of a large bowl of cereal.

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Stacking the Shelves [8]

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WEEE! Stacking the Shelves #8! And there's a video, finally! Check it out below. I picked up some books from the library that I've been wanting to read for a while now. I can't wait to read them!
**Click the title, it'll take you to its Goodreads page!**

What I Got From the Library!!!
OHH! Check it out, I got it for a Blog Tour I'm Participating in!
  • Release by M.R. Merrick –I'm participating in the Release Blog Tour hosted by Stuck In Books! I got an ARC of it this week. So excited to read it! —My date is on December 30th! Come back and check out the my review of Release!
See, I picked up a lot this week from the library. I also ordered some books this week. And those will probably be shown in an upcoming StS, depending on when they come in! Reviews and other blog posts to come! There's a giveaway going up on my blog Monday, November 19th! Make sure to come back and visit to enter it!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Stacking the Shelves [7]

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Stacking the Shelves Post #7!!! Hello! I wasn't able to go to the library this week to pick up books, but I won some awesome stuff, which I received in the mail this week! And I got an ebook.
**If you click the title, it will redirect you to its Goodreads page**

The Ebook I Got:
  • Deity by Jennifer Armentrout
A Book I Won!
  • Onyx by Jennifer Armemtrout
I won this from a contest hosted by Inga on Me and Reading! I won this during her Stuck in a Good Book Giveaway!

I Also Won...
  • Some Amazing Swag during Valerie from StuckInBooks's Deity Twitter Party! I got 2 different Deity bookmarks (one that was made by Valerie herself), an Apollyon guitar pick, and an Elixir Postcard! Yay :)

Wow. This week, I just got a whole bunch of Jennifer Armentrout stuff. Haha. That's great! If you haven't read anything by her, I'd recommend you to get on that soon, because her books are amazing!

See you guys next week! Bye.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Why Do I LOVE Young Adult? Well, I'll Tell You!

I truly do love Young Adult. And I will tell you why.

Young Adult is such a broad genre with Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, etc. And within those sub categories, there are even more smaller categories. I read almost any kind of YA. Although, the one thing I don't really like is vampires.

I'm a high schooler, so when I read any YA book, I try to see how I relate to it. I think about what I would do in a situation like the character. It adds to the book at makes reading it all the much more fun.

I have so many favorite authors that write YA. Their books suck you in, and you stay up reading until it's 3 in the morning and you're finally done. Then you can't even sleep because their book is just so amazing that it's left you mesmerized. Some of my favorite YA authors are listed below!

  • Jus Accardo
  • Ann Aguirre
  • Josephine Angelini
  • Jennifer Armentrout
  • Amy Bartol
  • Anna Carey
  • Kiera Cass
  • Suzanne Collins
  • Susanne Colsanti
  • Shelly Crane
  • Kimberly Derting
  • Sarah Dessen
  • Jennifer Echols
  • Becca Fitzpatrick
  • John Green
  • Julie Kagawa
  • Tahereh Mafi
  • Katie McGarry
  • Jamie McGuire
  • Jodi Meadows
  • Lauren Oliver
  • Beth Revis
  • Veronica Roth
  • Elizabeth Scott
  • Kristen Simmons
  • Maria V. Snyder
Seriously, I LOVE them. I love their books! They're amazing. Anyone reading this, you should go check them out. They are such good reads. Amazing authors like these make me love YA!

Beth Revis (one of the above mentioned authors that I love), is hosting a HUGE, MASSIVE, and EPIC contest. You can win 50 SIGNED books. Just share your love of YA! You can check out her contest here:

And these are the books you can win:

Isn't it great?! I definitely would love to win these. Also, make sure you check out Beth Revis's books. They are really good! 

Now you can understand why I love YA! Have a great day

Friday, November 2, 2012

Stacking the Shelves [6]

Go over to Tynga's Reviews and join in on the fun!
Here is Stacking the Shelves number 6! I didn't get all that much this week. I have a whole stack of almost 20 books in my room that I need to read so I just picked up a single book from the library.
**Click the title and it will take you to its Goodreads page**

What I Got From the Library!
So as you can see, I didn't really get anything this week. I know I said I would make a video this week, but I didn't think a single book would be enough to make a video longer than 40 seconds. But I've heard such great things about this book and the second book in the series just came out. So I finally decided to check it out! Be on the lookout for a review of this book. And The Shadow Society's review will most likely come later this week.