About Me

About ME!
Hey! Want to know some stuff about me? Most of this information is in my first post on my blog here. But there is some other stuff, so if you want to keep reading go ahead!

So a little bit about myself, I'm just an ordinary teenage girl in high school who loves reading in my spare time. Some other hobbies included are playing viola, piano, tennis, guitar, golf, and of course...blogging!

Favorite Color:  That's actually tough because I like pink, blue, and purple all equal amounts...
Favorite Animal:  Cows. Definitely Cows! Always have been.
Favorite Food: Well, if I was picking a general, simple food, I would say Tomatoes. But if I'm picking a meal, I'd say Tacos or Lasagna.
Favorite Candy: Skittles. Mmm, yes Skittles.
Fantasy vs. Sci-Fi: Yeah, this is another hard one. I love Paranormal (just not vampires), but I also love Dystopian...
First Person vs. Third Person: I'll read both. But I really do prefer First Person.

I'm not really a fast reader, but I'm not exactly slow either. The best time for me to review and read books is the summer because I have no school! I think I read almost 20 books this summer! So if you want to recommend me a book to read, or if you're an author that wants me to read and review your book, just go to my review policy and shoot me an email with the required stuff.

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