Review Request Policy

When submitting a request for a review you must include...
  • the title
  • the author
  • a link to the book (preferably on Goodreads, but can be from Amazon or Barnes and Nobles)
  • a date you prefer the review to be submitted by (If no date is requested, the review will be posted within 2 months)
Emails to me that don't have those included will not be chosen for reviews.

All requests must be a YA book. Most any genre will be accepted.

Best Time to Submit a Request
Submitting a request would be best during the summer months. This is because I am in school during the others and won't have as much time to read and review. During winter break (The week of Christmas and New Years) and spring break (The week before Easter), I will also have more time to read and review.

Although the best time to submit a request is during the summer months, I WILL be able to read and review requests at other times.

I May Say No
Sometimes I might say no to a request of a review because of various reasons. I might not have enough time in my schedule. As stated above, I am in school most of the year and don't have much time. Also, I may say no because the book doesn't fit in the genre of my liking.

How I Review
When I review I have the following things:
  • the summary of the book
  • a rating out of 5 music notes
  • why I have rated it that
My reviews are out of 5 music notes that mean the following...
♫♫♫♫♫- Presto- This book was amazing and a must read. It kept me going and I couldn't put it down!
♫♫♫♫- Allegro- This book was great, but not everyone will like it. I read it quickly because it was great.
♫♫♫- Andante- This book was a good read. It was ok, but a little slow at times. Not to great, but not bad either.
♫♫- Adagio- This book wasn't for me. It was a slow read and hard to get through. Though someone else might like it, it wasn't my taste.
♫- Largo- I don't think this book is worth reading. I most likely stopped in the middle or skimmed after reading halfway.

Please Note
  1. If I don't respond to your email of a request for a review within 48 hours, please email me again at frictiontofiction[at]gmail[dot]com

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