Saturday, April 6, 2013

Stacking The Shelves [23]

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Hey everyone! It's been super slow these past couple of weeks, as you can see from my posts. I haven't exactly posted anything in a week or two, and it's actually kind of sad. I know I said previously that I'd try really hard to blog more, but I just can't find the time or any books that I REALLY want to blog about. The books I've been reading are Nothing special, and nothing that makes me go, "OH MY GOD! I need to get my thoughts out NOW!" 

I know this isn't an excuse to not blog, but that's the honest truth. It was a new years resolution mine to blog as much as possible, but it seems like that hasn't been happening. Although, this time when I say I'm going to make a huge effort to blog, I WILL DO IT. This time, I'm not letting myself neglect my blog, I'm moving forward with what I love, and I'm not letting it go!

So with that out, let me show you what I got this week. It's not much really, but they're books I've had my eye on.

From the Library:
  • Hooked by Liz Fichera—Being a golfer, this piqued my interest. I saw it's about a girl getting onto an all boys golf team, and it seemed really interesting. It definitely wouldn't be easy doing that. Plus, it seemed there was some romance mixed in with that, and I enjoy books that have some kind of romance tied in with the story. So, of course, I had to pick up this book. 
  • Existence by Abbi Glines—This book is actually FREE in iBooks. So anyone that has the iBooks app on any of their Apple products, act fast because I think this is only free for a day or two more. It was listed as "book of the week." This book was actually on my To-Read list for so long, but I never got a chance to buy it or check it out because of all the new books rapidly releasing. As I was browsing the iBooks store, I saw this was free, and jumped on the offer as quick as I could. I finally get my chance to read this book. And with all the praise Abbi Glines gets, I'm sure it'll be amazing! Plus, Pepe Toth (from the Lux series covers) is on the cover of this book!
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