Saturday, December 28, 2013

What's in the Snow?—An Interview with Jessica Sankiewicz

Jessica from Reviews Abound and Cal from Read Books and Live Green are hosting a Winter Scavenger hunt together that is amazing. Be sure to start from the beginning to get all the clues! Check out the intro post for a full explanation of the hunt here.

I have an interview with Jessica Sankiewicz, author of If Only We

Hi Jessica! Welcome to my blog, and welcome to the What’s in the Snow? Scavenger Hunt!
This event is all about Winter and everything wintry. What do you look forward to most when winter is approaching?
~~Snuggling under fluffy blankets, watching movies, and drinking hot chocolate.
What’s your favorite thing to do during the winter?
~~Ice skating.
During the winter, there are numerous holidays being celebrated around the world. How do you celebrate, and what’s your favorite tradition?
~~I don’t really do much of anything for the holidays. I just try to spend as much time with friends and family all through winter.
How do you stay warm and cozy during winter?
~~Blankets and hoodies! Hahaha! I’m wearing a hoodie right now, and if it was colder I’d probably have a blanket on too.

Seeing as you live in Ohio, I’m sure you get a decent amount of snow. If you were a kid again, what would you be doing on a day with fresh snow on the ground?
~~I’d make snowmen and snow forts and have snowball fights.
This or That!
Hot Cocoa or Hot Coffee? ~~Hot Cocoa
Fire or Electric Heater? ~~Fire
Cookies or Chocolates? ~~Cookies
Blanket or Snuggie? ~~Blanket
With snow, stay inside or go outside? ~~Stay inside
Speed Round!
Favorite book to read when stuck inside? ~~Anything nearby. I’m not huge on rereads (although I do reread from time to time) so I grab anything I haven’t read that sounds good.
What’s your favorite “wintry food?” ~~Marshmallows… when they’re in hot chocolate.
Favorite winter clothes? ~~Soft sweaters and hoodies.
What year had did you have the best winter? ~~Probably sometime when I was still in elementary school but I have no idea which year it was!
Favorite winter themed book? ~~For some reason, the first one that popped into my head was The Ex Games by Jennifer Echols.
Do you like snow? ~~I used to when I was a kid but now that I have to drive a car in it, not so much. It is pretty to watch though.
Yummiest holiday food/dessert? ~~Cookies! I love cookies with sprinkles.

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  1. AMAZING interview! SO many snow filed questions! AND YES SNOWMEN AND SNOW FORTS! Is it bad to say that I'm fully planning to go build a snowman, next storm we get? (We've already had one... but my snowmen melted! *sobs* WHY DID IT HAVE TO RAIN?!)
    And yes! I love the Ex Games! Such a good book!
    Fantastic interview! And thanks so much Erica for participating in the hunt! We really appreciate it!

  2. LOVED the interview! So many great winter-themed questions. Also, I'm a huge fan of big sweaters and cookies as well. ;)

    Thanks to both you and Jessica for participating!