Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Some Things About Me...and other stuff

Hey, it's Erica! And I'm here to leave you guys an intro post to my blog, Friction to Fiction! First, let me tell you a little about myself. I'm just an ordinary teenage girl who likes–wait, scratch that, loves–to read in my spare time. Other hobbies included are playing viola, piano, tennis, and...blogging! Below are a few answers to favorites and random facts about me.
Favorite Color: That's actually tough because I like pink, blue, and purple all equal amounts...
Favorite Animal: Cow
Favorite Food: Well, if I was picking a general food, I would say Tomatoes. But if I was picking a meal, I'd say Tacos or Lasagna.
Favorite Candy: Skittles. Yes, definitely skittles.
Fantasy vs. Sci-Fi: Yeah, this is another hard one. I love Paranormal (just not vampires), but I also love Dystopian.
First Person vs. Third Person: I'll read both. But I prefer First Person stories.

Now onto some things about my blog. If you ever wanted to contact me some how, you can click here or go to the tab that says, "Contact Me." If you want to request a book for me to review make sure you read my policy before submitting one. You can get to my Policy by clicking here or clicking the tab that says "Policy." You can also read all my reviews that I've ever posted right here or by clicking the tab that says, "Review Archive" (Reviews WILL be put up shortly).

Last but not least, just a short heads up. I might not be able to do many reviews within the next 8 months or so because I'm in school. But if I review on schedule, most reviews will be put up during Christmas time, Easter Time, and the 3 Summer months. (that's when I have breaks in school).

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