Friday, January 25, 2013

Why I Haven't Been Blogging and Upcoming Things

Hey all! This is just going to be a quick update post about what'll be coming on this blog and what's been going on lately.

If you've noticed, I haven't posted anything since January 11th. I'm extremely sorry about that, but I'm completely back now! Due to some personal and family issues, I've been neglecting this blog a little. Now that everything is take care of, I'm fully on board!

Now, there are going to be many more posts than before. Many more reviews, promotional posts, and all that great stuff. I'll definitely be posting a review of Altered by Jennifer Rush, Florence by Ciye Cho, and Advantage Erin by Kris Kreisman within the next couple of weeks. There will also be some unscheduled reviews too! There will be a whole bunch more for the Debut Author Challenge and the Sequel Challenge that I'm participating in this year!

I'll be talking to you guys soon! Thanks for visiting :)

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  1. Welcome back! I'm definitely excited to see your review of Altered!

    Alise @ Readers In Wonderland